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2019 活動商品






Feature of Product   

1.Integrally formed earband and elastic fabric, comfortable to wear.

2.3D cutting, zinc oxide elastic fabric.

3.Soft & breathable, can create a 3D protective filter layer by placing filter.

4.Masks are reusable, washable and quick-drying.

5.Made by BMF melt-blown filter, the same material of N95.

6.Original design of the mask side keeps the filter from falling out and is easy to replace.

7.The 3D outer fabric will fit the filter and form a 3D space with the inner fabric.

Recommendation and Precautions

1.Wash the mask with water or neutral detergent, and dry it in shade. If it is damaged, replace it immediately.

2.Filter recommended to replacement of 1 times for 2-3 weeks. (replace filter when it is dirty, smelly or poor breathability.)

3.This mask is designed for daily use, not a medical. Please leave medical masks to the medical worker.

4.Personal item (such as toothbrushes, masks) based on health considerations, except that the product itself is defective and the actual shipment does not match the order, it can be returned and replace. Once the package is unpacked, used, or deformed by the consumer, we do not accept return.

Use Method

1.Please wash your hands first, and place the filter inside, put the waterproof surface (smooth surface) outwards, and put the filter arrow up in the pocket. Just like using duvet cover, match four corners, and then flatten the upper and lower sides.

2.Normally, filter can be used for 2 weeks. If you use the mask seldom, filter can be used for 3 weeks. It is normal for the filter material to smell little bitter, and it will fade after used for one or two times.




Out layer: Zinc oxide fabric

Inner layer: Antibacterial gauze

Filter: BMF melt-blown filter